To offer an alternative education option to Townsville families that is independent, innovative and holistic.

  • Developing partnerships with organisations in and around Townsville to build our school community and gain access to cutting-edge technology and research.
  • Continuous teacher development through training as well as regular personal and group reflection times.
  • To establish a school that is small and inclusive; use of thorough enrolment applications to ensure that all students and families embrace our school philosophy.
To ensure the total health, well-being and safety of all members of our school community.

  • Providing extracurricular activities such as community projects and whole school activities.
  • Implementation of extensive sustainability practices.
  • Fostering respect and trust between students, teachers, parents and carers.
  • Application of holistic approaches daily though morning meditation, yoga, the arts and play.
To maintain a child-centric environment that fosters self-determination and optimal individualised learning.

  • Development of personal learning project in consultation with teachers and parents.
  • Use of undirected play to develop children’s creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • Establishing a democratic school environment that encourages student contribution in the affairs of the school.
  • Regular student feedback on teachers and whole school support and management.
To ensure the continued viability of the school for generations to come

  • Attract and retain a business manager to regularly ensure school income and expenditure remain on track.
  • Attract and retain skilled people by valuing and empowering our workforce.
  • Develop a thorough marketing plan that utilises print, social media and contacts within daycares and kindergartens around Townsville.
  • Participate regularly in local social activities such as nature play days.