Enkindle Village School Parent Circle – 06.03.19

Previous Circle Updates:

Food: Forms are coming in, please to continue if there are food preferences.  Fruit box is happening, money at the front sign in desk.

Student circles: to cover in other topics as discussion moves on.

Cleaning: Update on quotes – hopefully a resolution soon.

Ella: approved and app to install

Hats:  Sourcing a supply. The kids have decided on one. Indigenous themed and possibly without logo (as it would not be seen anyway). These will be a parent purchase item with information to follow (about $25.00).

Deb can redraw designs for digital imaging and this may be a great option for future.

Individual learning plans: Coming along nicely (Kiri). Alison to donate discussed boxes for work storage.

 Communication: Website – Darryl spoke about logging in as a parent. Explanation of how to go to website/menu/register/input details (parent).

Parent registration is approved, and child/ren are added to user.

Once approved and logged in – go to dashboard and will be able to see project work and anything child is tagged in.

Parent circle tab. Summary of circle and there is a form for future proposal for inclusion on next agenda.

Newsletter – will be made from these pages. Mid term and end of term. Aim for only end of term 1.

Computer usage:

Came up with a timetable and mixes of ages. Working multi ages over an hour. Older kids helping to log on and look for things. Working really well. Older kids like the helper role. Older kids then have the extra time as per curriculum requirements.

Bringing in own laptops – raised as a possible option. Only if constructive work and with limits.

Recommended Net Nanny or filtering program that is found effective from other parents would be greatly appreciated.

Birthday calendar:

End of month one cake/celebration for all the birthdays in the month.

Bring in a book on the day for their special sharing to donate.


New Items for Discussion:

Collection: of electronics, magazines, plants, tools. Please bring in any if you have.


Project list – Dreamboard. Kiri to create a dreamboard or Wishlist of project things. Once this is up pop a name next to things that you might be able to help with.

Potential of connecting in with chameleon for projects.

Put onto Facebook wider page to advertise for items.


Toys: We were not bringing in toys, but some conjecture on what a toy actually is. Need to agree on what this includes.

Books ok, but only reading books.

Show and share forum – discussion with the students; 3 kids a week (equals twice a term), this could be a toy or anything they are passionate about. They will have a roster.

Comforters are ok, but the other kids are finding loopholes! Comforters in bag if possible. ?

Asked Kiri’s wishes – books are fine, toys prefer no. Comforters in bag. All ok with that.


Uncle Alfred and smoking ceremony 19th March Tuesday AM. Uncle Alfred to education with the students around the meaning of the ceremony. Morning tea, plate to share would be great.


Teacher Aide: Appointment made on a casual basis; very qualified member to join the team to compliment our already amazing teaching staff. Will assist in group work and managing time/space.


Parent roster: Afternoon sessions – for reading or sight words. Blue cards needed. Roster request will come out.


JCU Stem/ project – robotics day.  On the horizon as a potential grant application working with JCU and their robotics club. Watch this space!

JCU Vet clinic: Kiri has been In touch, loads of stuff to give, happy for us to come for a visit!

Students and staff will go next Wednesday at 10am for visit to vet hospital.

Old photographs: scenery, Susan to bring as donation for projects.


Next meeting 3-4pm Wed 20th

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