At Enkindle Village School, we use the Australian National Curriculum as the basis for our education, ensuring that all students are in line with their peers across the state (and country). This also caters for the transient nature of Townsville, with a large portion of our population shifting due to defence, we recognise the need for an education program that allows students to easily transition to and from our school.

As a school that values community and innovation, our aim is to remain flexible to continue to meet the needs and wants of our local community for decades to come. Through our democratic nature, we have the ability to draw on the best aspects of many different methods of education, such as Montessori and Steiner, and to implement them in an effective and seamless way.

Individual Learning Programs

Students, teachers and parents are encouraged to work collaboratively in determining personalised learning plans for each student. We help students approach the curriculum in a way that suits their own learning styles, preferences and personality.

Community Gardening

As part of our collaboration with James Cook University, students will have access to their community gardens and greenhouse offering a multitude of educational experiences. Students will be involved in growing and harvesting their own food, developing sustainable practices, identification of edible natives and much more.

Student Committee

As part of our operation as a democratic school, students and teachers will sit together for regular council meetings. Here, all voices are equally valued and students are encouraged to have a say in the day to day operation of the school. By giving students autonomy and responsibility, our aim is to foster a community of engaged and active learners.


Our registered teachers will assess students through observation as well as portfolio work. These methods are an effective way of determining a student’s understanding of the curriculum content and capabilities.