Enrolment Policy

The vision of Enkindle Village School (Enkindle) is to empower children through choices in education; incorporating our key values of autonomy, liberty, joy, connection and innovation. We will be using the Australian National Curriculum with a democratic model. To ensure the highest success our school will be small by design, with fluid and flexible, multi-age classrooms.

Ensuring families understand our philosophy and support its principles creates the foundation for a good match between their children and the school.

Offering of a place at Enkindle Village School:

It is fundamental to the school operations that families are compatible with the philosophy and approach of the school. Parents should be willing to become involved in their child’s education and aware of and orientated to this style of education.

• Student and family interviews will be conducted with the principal to determine suitability.

• The Principal reserves the right to offer or decline an offer of place.

• Full and honest disclosure is required throughout the admission and enrolment procedure. Enkindle Village School may deny completion of enrolment or the continued enrolment if an application is found to contain misleading information.

To maintain an even spread and ensure diversity within the school as it develops in the initial stages, the governing body (Townsville Independent School Association Inc.) and Enkindle Village School Principal will consider student age, gender, etc and expected year level upon entry.

• Students early on the waitlist may not be the first offered interviews due to these constraints.
• Acceptance of the enrolment application and any ensuing interview is not a guarantee of a place being offered at Enkindle Village School
Engagement with the school (TISAI in developing stages) and subsequent Enkindle waitlist will be taken into consideration when offering places for enrolment.
• Enkindle Village School aims to develop strong connections between parents/guardians and the school to foster a vibrant school community for years to come and ensure the best outcomes for its students.

Existing sibling placement will be highly valued in the offering of enrolment.

Procedure for application by parent/guardian:

A position at Enkindle Village School will only be considered by submission of an Application for Enrolment Form and accompanied by:

1. Non-refundable application fee of $100;

2. A copy of the prospective student’s birth certificate; extract of birth entry or passport;

3. Current relevant medical reports/information (this includes allergies, asthma, diabetes, etc and is necessary to ensure Enkindle Village School can meet the needs of the student);

4. Any relevant allied health professional reports (this includes speech, occupational therapy, psychologist, etc and are necessary to ensure Enkindle Village School can meet the needs of the student);

5. Any court or parenting orders in relation to the guardianship arrangements of the student.

The application for enrolment will not be reviewed or processed until all information/reports mentioned above have been provided (where applicable).

Procedure for application received by Enkindle:

On receipt of a complete Application for Enrolment, Enkindle Village School will:

1. Reply by a letter within a reasonable timeframe acknowledging receipt of application.

2. Record the applicant on the school waiting list for the entry year and level as indicated on the application for enrolment form (or the year level determined by the School as appropriate for the child’s age and/or educational level).

3. Administrators will contact families on the waiting list should a vacancy arise throughout the school year in any year level.

4. Families contacted regarding a vacancy will be invited to have an interview with the Principal regarding their child’s suitability for the school.

5. If an offer of enrolment for Enkindle Village School is made, parents and students will be asked to complete all necessary documentation (parents are required to amend any personal details which may have changed while waitlisted).

6. Enrolments are finalised on receipt of payment of the Enrolment Bond of $600 ($200 of which will be forfeited for administration costs, the remaining $400 will be discounted off Term 4 fees. Should the child’s enrolment be withdrawn, the entire bond will be forfeited). If payment is not received by the due date, offer of enrolment will be withdrawn and the student will be removed from the waiting list.

• Special consideration may be given in some circumstances, but this must be applied for in writing to the School’s governing body (TISAI).

Enkindle Village School aims to promote a diverse and inclusive environment, as such, enrolment guidelines are in place to ensure that opportunities for enrolment are equitable and transparent. As a small school with multi-age class groups, each enrolment is carefully considered for suitability, the school will not discriminate against students based on disability, race, gender or denomination.

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