A Day in the Life of an Enkindle Citizen

At Enkindle, students have a choice and a voice in their education, with parents, teachers and students collaborating to create an education plan that is best suited to each students’ needs and interests.

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At Enkindle Village School, our students are given the opportunity to:

  • Embrace the joy in their learning
  • Follow their passions, talents and skills with support from their teachers
  • Challenge themselves and develop a resilient and flexible attitude
  • Seek connections with others
  • Understand the impact they have on the world around them develop respect for themselves, others and their world

We like to say that we have ‘Structure’ but not a ‘Schedule’. Our days are flexible to allow our staff to be responsive to students needs and to integrate emergent curriculum as required. Times are approximate and may be altered to suit the needs of the students on any particular day.


A typical day at Enkindle may look like this:



Students begin to arrive and spend time playing and settling in.


Morning session is when we focus on our Literacy and Numeracy skills. We like to focus on transferrable skills that can be applied to other learning areas.


Eating and Play break


Second session is focused on our integrated unit and includes more hands-on, project-based learning.


Eating and Play break


Final session often includes a specialist subject from the Arts, Auslan or HPE. Students also use this time to help care for our school environment such as cleaning and gardening.


Home time!

Staying Centred

After each break our students engage in a mindful activity to settle back into class.
This may include things like:
Meditation & Mindful Breathing
Quiet Reading or Colouring
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